Meet Michigan Governor


A Governor who gets it done.

gretchen whitmer portrait

Governor Gretchen Whitmer is that woman from Michigan

Inspired by her family, she’s devoted her life to public service, governed through unprecedented, colliding crises, and remains laser-focused on getting things done that will make a difference in people’s lives.

Governor Whitmer has been tested.

Amidst historic circumstances, the Governor has led with grit and grace, tackling Michigan’s longstanding infrastructure, healthcare, and education challenges while taking decisive action to save lives and rebuild the state’s economy. Despite a barrage of attacks from radical militia groups, the Republican-led Michigan Legislature, and former President Trump, she continues to govern with a steely resolve and dedication to delivering for the people of Michigan.

Her administration has notched major policy victories, creating 11,000 new auto jobs while working to diversify the economy, passing balanced, bipartisan budgets, making the largest investment in K-12 education in state history without raising taxes, delivering critical COVID relief, and creating two successful workforce education programs: Michigan Reconnect and Futures for Frontliners. She’s also fulfilling her signature promise to fix the damn roads, with $3.5 billion in bonds for roads and bridges to tangibly improve people’s daily drives and water infrastructure improvements that will create 7,500 jobs.

gretchen whitmer with her family
gretchen whitmer speaking at podium

Governor Whitmer is tough.

She’s tackling the big challenges Michigan faces with bold solutions and decisive leadership. She acted quickly and led with science and data to save lives and safeguard public health while ensuring families, communities, students, workers, and small businesses had the support they needed to get through the COVID-19 pandemic. She faced down threats against her life and effectively deals with a partisan Republican Legislature bent on blocking progress.

Finally, Governor Whitmer is resilient

She will continue working to ensure that every Michigander has a great public education and a path to a good-paying job, every community has clean, safe drinking water, and everyone can drive to work or drop their kids at school safely, without blowing a tire or cracking a windshield. She knows that our best days are ahead of us and will never stop fighting for Michigan’s families.

Governor Whitmer and her husband Marc Mallory live in Lansing with Kevin and Doug, the First Dogs of Michigan. Her older daughter, Sherry, is a student at the University of Michigan, and her younger daughter, Sydney, will be joining her sister in the fall. Her three stepsons, Alex, Mason, and Winston all live in Michigan, as well. Governor Whitmer earned a bachelor’s degree and law degree from Michigan State University. A lifelong Michigander, Gretchen Whitmer is honored to serve as Governor of Michigan. 


Governor Whitmer is fighting to ensure a brighter, healthier future for all Michiganders.

With involvement from folks like you, a brighter future is possible.