Detroit Free Press: Whitmer’s turn in coronavirus spotlight brings national attention to Michigan

gretchen whitmer with joe biden, corey booker, and kamala harris

When Liz Gereghty gets a call from her sister, it’s not the name Gretchen or Big Sis that pops up on the caller ID on her cellphone.

Instead, Gereghty has changed her contact profile to show that it’s “The Woman from Michigan” calling. It’s a tribute to her sister — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer — and the task and challenges she’s encountered during a global pandemic that has hit Michigan particularly hard.

Whitmer has been tagged with a lot of nicknames over the years — G Dubya, G-Dog which came from Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich’s 5-year-old son Jacob, and some more derisive terms like Sh*#mer and butthole which prompted deep belly laughs as she read the mean tweets during her campaign for governor in 2018.


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